Printable Banner Material

FDC (Series 7504)

PVC banner designed for printing general purpose signage and displays. It is a onesided
smooth and printable non-top coated media with a high white point.

SIZES: 30'' X 40 yds   38'' X 40 yds   54'' X 40 yds   63'' X 40 yds


Pre-Grommeted Banner

We stock banner in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Banner material is pregrommeted
(grommets every 2 ft.) Banner is available in full 24 yard rolls as well as custom sizes.

WIDTHS: 22''   34''   46''

COLORS: White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

Sold by the foot or by the roll


Magnetic Sheeting

SafeMag™ is a unique back-coated flexible magnetic sheeting. The backcoating is a safe
barrier between the magnetic surface and the surface to which it is applied, which is
an important new benet to sign makers in applications like vehicle signs. The
backcoating is equally important to screeners where “blocking” is a problem when
printed magnetics need to be stacked during the printing process.

Available in 24" X 25ft rolls

Sold by the foot or full roll