23K Giusto Manetti Gold Leaf

All leafs are sold by the pack (generally 20 books) or by the book. Each book contains
25 leafs. We stock both patent and loose leafs.

Assorted Leafs

Silver Leaf
Variegated Gold Leaf
Aluminum Leaf
Rolled-Gold Leaf
Copper Leaf
White-Gold Leaf
Palladium Leaf

Gold Sizing 

1 Shot Fast Dry Gold Size

Self-leveling and fast setting size for use in gilding. Designed to retain elasticity,
engine turning and burnishing can usually be accomplished up to ve hours after
gilding. This product generaly allows the application of 22 and 23 karat gold leaf
within an hour, and less precious and heavier metal leaf products sooner.

Dux Slow-Set Gold Leaf Size

A clear gilders adhesive for slow leaf work. It aords excellent durability, exibility and
longer open time for interior and exterior surface gilding applications. It will achieve
tack in approximately 10 to 12 hours and the tack will remain for approximately 24
hours. Total hard dry occurs in about 72 hours.