Ronan Prime All

Prime-All is a unique, interior-exterior, waterborne, acrylic primer that combines fast
dry convenience with outstanding adhesion, sealing, stain blocking, corrosion resisting
and weathering properties. This high performance coating exhibits excellent adhesion
to aged steel, wood, aged galvanized metal, weathered aluminum, MDO plywood,
conventional plywood, cement, Fiberglas, concrete, plastic, ceramic, exible
vinyl and glass substrates. Its stain killing properties check bleeding of water stains,
smoke damage, wood tannin, asphalt stains, crayon and most grati. It is formulated
for use as a primer over unpainted or previously painted surfaces; as a blockout for
signs; for blocking out stains (it prevents the bleeding of reds, uorescent and other
staining pigments); as an undercoat for water and oil based topcoats.

Ronan Fast Dry Block-out White

Fast Dry Blockout White is a fast drying, high opacity, solvent reducible alkyd primer
designed to "block out" previously painted sign faces. It is also an excellent primer for
wood and MDO board. It dries with a at nish and is designed to prepare a surface for
the application of bulletin colors, background enamels or artists oil color. Fast Dry
Blockout White blocks out the old bulletin or pictorial and primes the surface so that
new signs or artwork will adhere and cover properly. It also provides the proper surface
for carbon pouncing or felt tip layout of artwork.

Jay Cooke's All Purpose Sign Primer

Jay Cooke’s All-Purpose Sign Primer is a high-build, water-based, universal primer,
sealer and stain blocker. It can be used for both interior/exterior application and can
be used with either enamel or latex top coats.

Sign Prime

Sign·Prime is a sandable, water-based primer that can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on
your Sign·Foam3 sign or display project. It offers unmatched filling and sanding qualities,
which are essential for a quality sign surface. In addition, the particular viscosity of
Sign·Prime is designed to provide maximum coverage while minimizing drying time,
reducing production and labor time.

Vinyl Primer

A clear, water based primer for vinyl and most rigid synthetic surfaces including
expanded PVC, corrogated styrene, ABS plastics and most PVC vinyl film products.

1-Shot UV Acrylic Clear

A fast drying acrylic clear topcoat designed for providing color fade, UV depletion and
mild abrasion resistance on printed vinyls and print media. Speed Dry UV Acrylic Clears
also serve well as edge sealers on multi-layered vinyls, PVc, PVF and
metalized polyester films.