KOMACEL is a high-strength, light-weight PVC sheet ideal for outdoor use.

Komacel, an integral skin-foam sheet made of rigid PVC according to the Celuka process, has been part of Kommerling's range of thermoplastic sheets for more than 25 years. It fits requirements for a multitude of applications, from a substrate for backers of channel letters to wood replacement. However Komacel is used, experience has proven its quality. 


THICKNESS: 3/8''  1/2''  3/4''  1''

SIZES: 4'x8'  4'x10'

COLOR: Gloss White

Custom cutting available




KOMATEX is a lightweight, rigid PVC sheet with a matte finish.

Komatex  features a closed-cell, matte-finish surface with a fine cell structure. It will fit the requirements for a multitude of applications, from substrates for graphics, point-of-purchase displays and backers for channel letters to wood replacement. Experience has shown that Komatex is the highest-quality PVC sheet available. 


THICKNESS: 1mm  2mm  1/8''  1/4''  3/8''  1/2''  3/4''  1''

SIZES: 4'x8'  4'x10'  *5'x10'

COLOR**: Black, White, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Yellow,

Dark Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Orange, Beige


* 5' x 10' sheets available in white only and limited thicknesses

** Most colors available in 4'x8' sheets only

Custom cutting available